Sensei John Green

2nd Degree Black Belt

Club Instructor

About Sensei John


"I first came to the club 8 years ago looking for a place to study a martial art and improve my fitness,  at 53 years of age having suffered heart attacks a stroke and had a quadruple heart bi-pass, I never imagined I would be at the level I am today - a 2nd degree black belt and club instructor and proud to be part of the OJJ family.

My complete aim is to continue to to be part of the OJJ coaching team and to continue to develop my skills and achieve my 3rd degree black belt.  

There are many exciting changes which are taking place within the club these are fully aimed at making it a wonderful place to train for our students,"


 "The first step of any journey is the hardest" I took it, so come along and we will help you to take yours.


Sensei John "Comet" Green