Sensei Jack Lomax

2nd Degree Black Belt 

Club Instructor

About Sensei Jack 

"I started training at OJJ when I was 10 years old, due to being bullied at school to give me confidence and to enable me to look after myself and to be able to stand up to bullies... I've never looked back and loved it ever since!

I progressed through my Kyu grades achieving my Shodan-mon Junior black belt and then my Shodan 1st degree Senior black belt and in 2016 I achieved Nidan 2nd degree black belt.

My aim is to continue with my own training to achieve Sandan 3rd degree and technical officer whilst passing on my knowledge and skills to others who join the club.

OJJ helped me beat the bullies, hopefully I can help others who are victims of bullying".

Sensei Jack