Our Hall of fame recognises both Junior & Senior Students along with instructors who we acknowledge annually for their commitment & dedication or for the support of Martial arts. 

The Joe Richardson Memorial Award for Commitment & Dedication

Joe was one of our original students at OJJ who sadly passed away in 2008 aged just 12 years of age. Joe was a outstanding student and never missed a class, His commitment and dedication was outstanding. Annually we present the award for commitment and dedication in Joe's Memory. 

STORM - Special Team Of Role Models

These awards are awarded to Junior students, who the executive team feel are role models and inspiration to younger and new members, the students who motivate and demonstrate leadership during the classes. 

Harry Lawton Students Choice Award 

Harry was a senior student of OJJ who sadly passed away in 2017, The students choice award is awarded to the instructor who the students feel has contributed most to their own development over the previous 12 month period and is voted for by all the students during the year.